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CNC Router

Our brand new 3-axis CNC router. Available as a kit, it can be built in a few hours and is the most easy-to-use milling machine there is out there! Use the contact form below if you wish to buy one, or if you have any questions (the price is displayed without VAT).
5.900,00 €
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What's in this kit ?

  • A 3-axis CNC router, with 4 motors and 5 inductive limit switches
  • A plug-and-play electronic control box, already assembled and tested
  • An HDMI cable and a power cable for the electronic box (EU plug)
  • PlanetCNC software, pre-installed on a Raspberry Pi 4 and already configured
  • An AMB FME-P 1050 router
  • A touch probe device to locate your workpieces easily
  • All the basic tools necessary to assemble the machine

Check out our mounting guide videos here:

Products specifications
Overall Size 1400x1000x600
Y Travel 1050 mm
X Travel 650 mm
Z Travel 90 mm
Z Clearance 115 mm
Clamping Area 1230 x 680
Linear Guide X/Y 16 mm SBS
Linear Guide Z 16 mm
Ballscrews X/Y/Z 16 mm
Pitch 10 mm
Repeatable Accuracy 0.01 mm
Maximum Travel Speed X/Y 10 000 mm / min
Maximum Travel Speed Z 3000 mm / min
Limit X/Y/Z Inductive Sensor
Motors Nema23 High Torque
Controller & Software Planet CNC
Touch Probe Included
Spindle AMB 1050 FME-P Included
Screen, Mouse & Keyboard Not Included
Dust Shoe Not Included
MDF Working Table Not Included
M6 Inserts & Toggle Clamps Included