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Screen Printing Press

This affordable one-colour press is the ideal tool for start-up operations, such as home-based businesses, artistic projects or simply learning screen printing. The kit also contains a full set of installing tools and a clear mounting guide to help you build it up easily!
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199,00 €

Mounting Guide

The kit comes with a printing board specially designed to hold t-shirts, but it can be easily changed to start printing on other clothing sizes or on other materials, such as woven fabric, metal, paper, plastic, wood, glass, ceramics or leather. The press also has a robust clamping system, allowing to hold larger screens while keeping them stable for accurate larger printings. Because of its durable and modular design, this press will not only help you begin a business or a new hobby, it will also remain reliable as you continue to grow.

Products specifications
Material Aluminium structure and black MDF
Printing board size 30x42cm
Fixture Clamped to table or screwed
Screen clamp system Adjustable screws with knobs
Max. supported screen size 50x60x3,5cm
Off-contact Yes, adjustable with a screw
Made in Belgium