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Screen Printing Press

This affordable one-colour press is the ideal tool for start-up operations, such as home-based businesses, artistic projects or simply learning screen printing. The kit also contains a full set of installing tools and a clear mounting guide to help you build it up easily!
199,00 €

Exposure Kit

Directly mount this kit on your screen printing press and transform it into an efficient exposure unit. Place you screen on the printing board and expose your images easily in 4 minutes (using the QX-5Blue emulsion).
44,90 €


A robust aluminium squeegee with a square blade. It will give your long-life performance and precise prints.
44,90 €

Coating Trough

A double edged coating trough used to coat screens with photographic emulsion. Its shape allows the weight of the coating trough to be supported by the whole hand for a steady and even coat.
34,90 €