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A little bit expensive for a beginner, but really good quality overall. Everything feels robust and is easy to use. I'm espacially happy with the ink which held to my t-shirts even after several washings. Highly reccommand!
charlotteG | 05-01-19 15:38
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Très content
Je suis chef scout et j'ai commencé à sérigraphier pour ma troupe. J'ai eu tout ce qu'il fallait d'un coup pour démarrer et j'ai même rentabilisé mon kit en moins d'un mois :)
martin | 15-01-19 18:25
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chouette bundle pour les petites séries
On utilise cette presse pour faire notre merch et une fois l'étape un peu délicate du cadre passée, on imprime nos goodies à la pièce, c'est top. On avait un peu peur mais les impressions tiennent bien le coup au lavage.
max-don | 24-01-19 10:02
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Efficient, clean, incredible
I'm the manager of the music producer OTON.
We made some T-shirts with our logo for his merch.
Come and see the result on the OTON Facebook page!
The device is impressive in terms of efficiency, robustness and accuracy, we reached a professional quality in a very short amount of time and at low cost.
We do not even need to sell the whole batch of T-shirts we made this time to  fully amortize this investment... and we plan to make sooo much more outfilts with this user-friendly tool.
Highly recommanded for any band/artist: you use to produce your tracks yourself... with Mekanika you can now do the same with your merch!
Raoul | 20-03-19 00:44
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Great Bundle !
Honestly the best setup you can get altogether, even for non-beginner. The press is clean and robust and all the accessories are top notch quality !
Invité | 17-01-20 09:23
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